Montra Nivesha is a responsible operator and is committed to supporting sustainable tourism in a number of important ways.

We are strongly committed to a plastic free Cambodia and are proud to say that our property is 99% plastic free. The hotel uses a sophisticated water purification system that allows us to provide drinking water from separate taps in the rooms. We use refillable glass bottles in all the rooms and provide guests with refillable bottles to use as they explore Siem Reap and the Temples of Angkor. The hotel also operates a solar powered electricity system for all the hot water in the property.

Montra Nivesha also sources its organic, chemical-free rice directly from local villages in Siem Reap Province, ensuring guests have the best quality rice on their plate and that local farmers benefit directly from the sale without having to sell in bulk to unscrupulous wholesalers. This supports the long tradition of rice-growing in the Angkor area and we are also proud to support Yosothor, a homegrown Cambodian organisation dedicated to the preservation of Khmer culture and identity, established by renowned Cambodian scholar Professor Ang Choulean. Montra Nivesha has been a major supporter of Yosothor since its inception, funding the publication of its journals in the Khmer language.

Montra Nivesha Logo

The Khmer Soul

Rice is the soul of the farmers in Cambodia. This customary exists since the birth of the Khmer land, before the existent of a temple.

The purity of our water

Water is both a blessing and celebration in Khmer culture. Montra Nivesha welcomes you in our traditional Cambodian way, the authentic way in which we truly believe.

Free from plastic

We live and breathe the same air and share the same planet. It is our passion and duty to protect our world for future generations. Montra Nivesha is 99% plastic free.

Khmer Renaissance

Our Culture defines us and who we are. Today there is a great energy in reviving Khmer identity, language, art and culture of which the Cambodian people were once so justifiably proud.