We live and breathe the same air and share the same planet. It is our passion and duty to protect our world for future generations. Montra Nivesha is 99% plastic free.

We are striving towards a plastic-free property at Montra Nivesha. There is a huge (mis) use of single-use plastic in Cambodia and indeed the world that finds its way into landfill sites, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, and is often seen on the side of the roads in Cambodia. One of the main ways in which we are able to reduce the use of plastic is by using a sophisticated water purification system that allows us to provide drinking water from separate taps in the rooms. Standard tap water in Cambodia is not suitable for drinking, but we have provided guests with international standard drinking water for free, quite literally ‘on tap’ in the rooms and around the hotel.

Furthermore, we provide guests with a refillable water bottle upon check-in to the hotel so they can refill the bottle at refill sites around Siem Reap and at our own refill station at Sala Kdei near the royal bathing pong of Sra Srang in the Angkor Area.

We also use refillable glass bottles in all the rooms, and do not use any other plastic drinks containers anywhere in the hotel. Plastic straws are no longer used in our bar and restaurant area, replaced with bamboo straws sourced from a local supplier. We also reject plastic packaging in our picnic lunches and use traditional materials like woven palm leaf boxes made from the leaves of the sugar palm and lotus leaf wraps instead of clingfilm for individual items.

Finally, our team take part in regular clean-up campaigns in the local neighbourhood, including the surrounding streets and nearby Siem Reap River, as a means to encourage the community towards better waste disposal.

While these gestures are small, together they add up to a big commitment to becoming a plastic-free property and contributing to a better environment in Siem Reap, Cambodia and the wider world beyond.